Best Coffee Shops in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam for a “good time”? The best place to begin is one of the famous coffee shops in the Holland. One of the few cities in the world where you can sit in a public establishment and smoke a joint without offending anyone, Amsterdam attracts millions of tourists who are looking for a great trip in more ways than one! Lawmakers, citizens and shop owners continue to debate the future of this great Amsterdam institution, and its future is uncertain. But if, like about 70% of the guests of Amsterdam, you are planning to drop in at one of the coffee shops soon, let us help you pick from what we think are the 10 best coffee shops in Amsterdam. Also make sure you have a safe trip by checking out our page with Drug Advice for Amsterdam.

Dampring Coffee Shop – Amsterdamde dampkring
Cannabis laws might be something of a grey area in Amsterdam, but there’ no grey cloud of doubt about how awesome the Grey Area coffee shop off Dam Square is. An American favorite, the joint (pun intended) has been around for 15 years and offers great ambience and company, and its punk music obsession ranges from the famous to the obscure. It’s a celebrity hotspot in its own right, and you must drop by to smoke what the cool kids are smoking.

Coffee shop snobs (yes, they exist) might scoff at the wildly popular tourist attraction that is Bulldog, but there’s a reason the coffee shop has grown from a small cellar to five branches and a hostel in Amsterdam, and even has a presence abroad. Stop by at any Bulldog in the city centre for great ambience, a dazzling menu and to top it off, stay at their hostel, which they claim is the “highest rated” 5-star hostel in the world!

Lit in trademark green at night and abuzz with activity all day long, the Grasshopper offers four floors of pubs, dining and the all-important coffee shop. Hop over for a great coffee shop experience and slightly overpriced food and drinks, and don’t forget to take in the quirky grasshopper murals and imagery that pervade the joint.

Grasshopper Coffee Shop – AmsterdamGrass hopper
Known for their truly relaxing atmosphere, great selection of beverages including teas and juices, the ever-popular Rokerij is a must-visit.  Enter the cave-like interiors to place your order, and relax on Moroccan cushions as trance music fills the air. With many branches across the city centre, you’re sure to find your bliss at this chain.

Many years and many name changes down the road, Café 420, or the Cannabis Coffee, or De Kuil (pronounced “cowl”) promises loyal customers a rocking time, and a great “brown bar” experience with loads of wood décor. If you’re looking for rock music and a good time, this is the best place for you. An impressive menu and helpful staff ensure you will come back like most of their customers do!

The recently-redecorated Barney’s is located in a 500-year-old building and has been the most popular coffeeshop on Haarlemmerstraat for over 20 years. The modern interiors are like no other coffee shop, and the place merits one visit just for the atmosphere! Videos playing on every table, milkshakes that much more than health food, and the promise of a great time (backed by multiple High Times Cup wins) await you at Barney’s.

Barney’s Coffee Shop – AmsterdamCoffee Shop
Tucked away in the famous Albert Cuyp Market, the amazing experience that goes by the name of Katsu is easy to miss. However, it offers an un-missable experience, which is why you should make sure it’s on your itinerary.  Sample some space cake, hang out in the games corner, or just sit back and admire the fun interiors. Being off the centre of coffeeshop action, the place is great for hours of undisturbed hanging out.

There are no tulips growing in the Green House, located conveniently between Dam Square and the red light district. What you get at this establishment, however, is a great vibe, a perpetual crowd, and some prize-winning weed. Check out the mosaic patterns and settle into one of the quirky chairs to unwind with a beer and a smoke.

Enjoy your stay!