Big Bud

big-bud--best-strainSmall Description: Two time Cannabis Cup award winner. Largely indica. A sweet and spicy flavour which includes a mellow lengthy lasting result within the entire body. Superb for patents enduring more considerable joint/muscle agony and stomach difficulty.

Mix:Largely Indica.

Heritage: The first Big Bud was a tough Afghanica infused with Skunk genes – a hybrid possessing unusual vigor and unexpected, record- breaking manufacturing. When people unique clones built it to Holland, they gave rise to several stable seed-strains, as well as a back-cross with Skunk #1 and a really common hybrid of 75?-25%NL#1. The present, award- winning incarnation of Big Bud was made feasible by two crucial developments. First of all, intensive investigation permitted Sensi to identify the genotype and precise geographical origin from the Afghani cultivar behind the initial Big Bud. Secondly, the expansion of our gene-stock from the earlier Nineties gave Sensi breeders entry to some prime example of that really force.

Health Use: Important for a lot more substantial pain management as well as epilepsy and stomach concerns.

Consequences: The higher is mellow using a nice and spicy flavour, a lengthy duration and a more actual influence as is typical of indicas. The “high” is even now extremely sociable and might bring about laughing fits. It’s got some classic stoney qualities like you might observe inside the movies. Deal with your indicators and love a excellent laugh along the way in which… Why not.

Smoking Expertise: Somewhat far more powerful and intense about the throat as is traditional of Indicas.

History: Big Bud has long been well known like a cannabis stress with jaw- dropping yields (and that is NO Lengthier Genuine in comparison to most current strains). A reduced amount of well-known is the truth that her excellent Indica pedigree may be meticulously refined and steadily enhanced around numerous several years. Big Bud’s earlier progress occured inside the USA previous to the strain was brought to Holland from the Eighties in look for of political asylum. When the War on Medicines intensified, pioneering US breeders feared losing irreplaceable ganja strains which embodied decades of function, study and devotion. Numerous exclusive and cherished genotypes had been brought to the Netherlands to make sure they wouldn’t be lost forever. Big Bud was very first offered like a hybrid with Skunk #1 on the Sacred Seed Business. This could be the edition that claimed 1989 win inside largely indica category in the Cannabis Cup. Inside the 1990s, Sensi Seeds and Seed Lender merged and new consideration was offered to this hybrid. An additional nice, high-yielding, large indica line was crossed in the original hybrid, creating this pant-type sweeter and more delectable to connoisseurs. Using the new burst of flavor, the demand became intriguing for much more than just its weighty yields, which resulted in the entirely unexpected prize for Big Bud inside the 1996 Cannabis Club.

Increasing Info: Plants requiring the entire flowering time will grow a small taller and are generally the heaviest-yielding examples. Big Bud’s stems are thick and strong, nevertheless the masses of giant, sweet, sparkling buds they create can develop significant enough to bend as well as snap them, so essentially the most promising branches ought to be supported with string or tensioned wire. Big Bud is pretty limited using a classic indica leaf framework, but contrary to the stereotypical indica, can grow to be tall and lanky if not appropriately tended. As having a normal indica/sativa hybrid, Big Bud may triple in size in the time the light cycle is transformed. Big Bud also finishes in as handful of as 50 days with an remarkable yield. This selection is suitable to get a sea of green technique or for just a garden of greater plants. Whilst relatively versatile, Big Bud has proven some sensitivity towards typical marijuana insects and pests. Finest benefits happen within the indoor setting, wherever variables re a lot more simply controlled. Hydro offers the finest yields, but Big Bud also can thrive in soil, especially inside the appropriate outdoor disorders (not the instance with the Netherlands weather conditions). She could be predicted to provide the grower some beautiful flowers.


Big Bud Marijuana: Information and Growing Tips

It uncommon to find good Marijuana where the growth rate is incredibly fast and the needed high is ever so desirable. Luckily, we have Big Bud around. This Cannabis has been in the market since 1980s under the company Sacred Seed. As the name depicts it, it produces pretty big buds for its size. The growers might need to secure the small branches to avoid it from bending and eventually break. Big Bud is a hybrid of Skunk #1. The strain has a flowering period not longer than 50 days. Its bud may even grow triple its current size by the time it reaches its full life cycle. It has a unique mellow sensation that is both sweet and spicy. With its great gifts, it has also some minimal setback – the Weed is quite sensitive to most pests, so growers might need to apply extra effort to keep it alive and fruitful.

Where to buy Big Bud cannabis seeds?

You can buy Bid Bud cannabis seeds from legitimate online seedbanks which offer discrete shipping to your address. You can also receive free marijuana seeds with your order. The shipping times may vary according to where you are located at.

Big Bud Marijuana Specification

Type: indica – sativa mix
Flowering period: 9 weeks
Climate: indoor / outdoor
Yield: 600 gr/m2
Stone: Stony yet high all round
THC level: medium 8% – 15%
Height: 40 – 55 cm
Grow Difficulty: Easy

Special Features of Big Bud

1. Big Bud marijuana plants are known for being a high producer of big leaves, large and dense buds full of quality THC that exudes both indica and sativa high.

2. Although its aroma is musty and dank with a bit of sourness, the flavor of Big Bud has a mix of sweetness and spiciness with a hint of grape.

3. The medical benefits of Big Bud are considered as fairly general. It can help in easing headache and nausea. It is not recommended for daytime smoking but excellent for producing a relaxed feeling because of its mild sedative effect that is beneficial for those with sleeping problems.

Growing Big Bud Tips

The buds that Big Bud pot strain is producing are heavy. During the flowering time, you may need to tie them up so the dense buds will not break the branches. The Big Bud plants are susceptible to common pests, so indoor growing is recommended.