bubblelicious-best-cannabisThis strain called Bubblelicious looks as intriguing as it sounds. The buds are very well manicured spears that are light green with a metallic hue. The hairs on this bud are very distinctive and range from dark red to platinum blond. This bud is covered in trichs that are small and very compact. This is definitely a candy for adults in need. This bud is very fun to look at and not overly resinous, though my fingers were definitely sticking together when breaking the bud apart. Some of the smaller buds were a little more fluffy than the bigger buds, which had a pretty nice density to them. The smell of the Bubblelicious really sets it apart from any of the super high grade buds I have every smelled. On some level I actually felt like the smell of this bud was a little too complex for my nose. It was very distinctive and so fruity. If you could imagine cardboard covered with cheese, apples and grapes with a spicy undertone that kind of tingles the nose when you breath out, that’s what this smells like. The tingling reminds me of the exhale of a menthol cigarette. Something else that really strikes me about the smell of this bud is how it is strong and pronounced, though oddly very soft and extremely soothing. Because the smell of the Bubblelicious bud was so interesting, I assumed the taste of this bud would be just as intricate, so I boiled and thoroughly cleaned my bubbler for the maximum tastiness possible, and I was definitely taken by surprise. The first inhale was a wallop of fruity melons and zest that instantly changed into a flowery bouquet, and when I say instant I mean to say I was almost a little startled by how one second I was eating a watermelon then the next second I was face-first in a bed of roses. Then, when I thought it couldn’t get more interesting, my pallet started to switch between flavors of black licorice and holiday spices. The flavor of this weed leaves the pallet with a nice, smooth, minty, finish that will linger and tingle the tongue for minutes after your first inhale, much like the experience I had with the smell. The flavors and smell of the bud, the way the stem snaps, and nice white ash left behind in the bowl, let me know that this bud was properly flushed and cured. Not to skip on mentioning the tiny bit of moisture that keeps your bud a dream to manage The effects of the Bubblelicious are definitely sativa dominant. The high is uplifting and bright. I feel a little goofy sitting here listening to music and writing this review. Extremely euphoric. The bodily sensations are focused on the outside of my body, like a warm aura. I can feel it on the top and sides of my face and a little on my upper back. Very relaxing. This bud would be perfect for treating anxiety and depression, making things seem brighter and more optimistic, and is also good for just sitting back and reading a book. This buzz length is medium to Long, depending on your tolerance level. Roughly 1 and a half to 2 and a half hours. This Bubblelicious bud has super potential for something already very high grade. Though some of the smaller buds were a little fluffy, I still give this bud an A+ rating because of how much I enjoyed smelling and tasting it. This was hands down one of the best smoking experiences I have had in a long time. Thumbs-up the breeder for a unique and unforgettable experience. I love Bubblelicious!