Durban Poison


Durban Poison is one of the few pure Sativas available today with almost all modern day strains being crossed with Indica. Originating from the Durban region, this South African landrace strain has been internationally known for close to 50 years.


Durban Poison produces elongated, resinous buds that have a recognizable sweet black licorice flavor. The plant’s 100% sativa genetics offer a soaring high with no fatigue or body effect, making it an ideal daytime medicine and helpful for focused, productive work.

Durban Poison’s unpredictable genetics make it a breeding goldmine

The strain has a wild nature and can vary widely from plant to plant, making Durban Poison a breeding gold mine. It is parent to many well regarded hybrids, including Girl Scout Cookies. Beyond its stellar Sativa strain traits, Durban Poison‘s early flowering time can be crossed against late blooming strains to produce faster growing hybrids.

Cultivating Durban Poison Is Challenging Yet Rewarding

Durban Poison thrives outdoors, reaching heights as tall as 12 feet, but its feral nature can be challenging for novice growers. Per plant yields of 500 grams or more are not unusual, so the hard work can be rewarding. Durban Poison can also produce good results indoors, but it will not have the same yield if there are height limitations.


Appearance:  (8.5/10)  This sample was a chunky round nug with a unique shape that immediately draws you in with its insane trichome coverage.  While the colors were a little dark overall, the trichs covering the large teardrop calyxes made it sparkle from a distance.  We did find a small seed, but the harvest timing was perfect, with tons of cloudy heads dotted with amber.  Nicely dense and dry, it clearly had quality post-harvest care.

Aroma:  (9.5/10)  One reviewer mentioned that this is hands-down the best-smelling Durban he’s had (and we’ve had a LOT of Durbans here at KindReviews).  The main reason is the level of pungency and the wonderful strong yet sweet eucalyptus-menthol bite it has.  If you enjoy Durban, you’ve gotta smell this one.

Taste: (8/10)  While not quite as impressive as the smell (what is?), the taste was also heavy on the eucalyptus sweetness but carried an interesting banana candy-like aftertaste that popped up on early hits.  That was somewhat unique, but otherwise this was a standard Durban taste-wise (which is certainly not a knock).  It was fairly smooth but did expand quite a bit, catching up by surprise and causing a little coughing.  It had a speckled darkish gray ash though, and may have benefited from a longer flush.

Effects:  This was a more narcotic and bleary-eyed Durban that we’re used to, but the extra potency will certainly be appreciated by some patients.  A calm yet energetic state with heavily-medicated eyes and feelings of outward pressure in the head started this one off, but it quickly took a stronger turn.  A state of near-constant yawning and stretching ensued, and the potency was a little overwhelming, causing one reviewer to take an unexpected nap, only to wake up medicated 3.5 hours later… this is a crusher of a Durban.

Duration:  Long, 2.5 – 3+ hours

Medicinal Traits: (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Mood elevation, slightly anxious energy to start, mental and physical relaxation as it went on, appetite stimulation, and possible ocular relief.

Overall: Simply put, this is certainly a contender for the best Durban Poison we’ve ever seen.  Minor issues aside, the small/taste/appearance package was just incredible, and fans of the strain will be over-the-moon for the pungency of it all.  But the reason this one gets an A is because it was so thoroughly medicating, on a level that Durbans generally aren’t known for.  It is not a pain reliever, had a bit of an anxious side, but the overall experience was calming and totally enjoyable.  Take it easy with this one if you don’t have a very high tolerance…